Presenting a shiny new logo, game publisher and developer JanduSoft announced over 15 games during their Jandusoft showcase today, with each and every single one coming to the Nintendo Switch! While we highly recommend you watch the presentation so you can see the games in motion, we’ll provide a full list of everything shown during the presentation. Don’t forget to follow JanduSoft for more updates on the upcoming games!

Scholar’s Mate / JanduSoft

Single Player Psychological Horror game. In this game, you play as Judith a girl who woke up disoriented in a room of an abandoned psychiatric hospital. Akin to an Escape Room, your objective is to solve puzzles and mysteries to escape alive before it’s too late.

Zapling Bygone / 9FingerGames

Developed by a single person, Zapling Bygone is a metroidvania where you play as an alien from outer space. As the alien, you can kill enemies and wear their skulls, which you can use to absorb the enemies’ powers, consciousness and memories.

Abathor / Pow Pixel Games

Abathor is a 4-player hack and slash love letter to 80s arcades. With great pixel art and chiptune composers working on the game, Abathor is sure to take you on a trip down memory lane as it immerses you in its arcade-y vibes. Cooperate, challenge each other and face incredible bosses in this classic new adventure!

The Creepy Syndrome / Boomfire Games

The Creepy Syndrome is an anthology that offers several psychological horror stories, with different pixel art and retro 1 bit, 8 bit, gameboy, etc. styles. Stories of a disturbed mind that intertwine with each other while being analysed by a mysterious psychiatrist.

Alchemy Garden / MadSushi Games

Based around decoration, garden creation and store management, Alchemy Garden is a game where you’ll be an alchemist who starts their very own store from the ground-up. As you explore, collect and grow your garden, you’ll start creating potions which you can then sale to townspeople with the goal of being able to decorate your house, expand your garden and discover even more recipes!

Cavity Busters / SpaceMyFriend

Cavity Busters is a roguelike bullet hell where you play as an agile creature who jumps, wall runs, and rolls through enemy bullets. The entire game takes place inside a bloated decaying monster full of enemies, secrets and over 200 upgrades which will either help or hinder your runs!

Finis / K148 Game Studios

Do you know yourself? Finis will evaluate your own capabilities. How? By placing you on a series of challenges of various difficulties and experiences, ranging from a nice place to a totally terrifying one! Everything will depend on your own choices at the end of each level, where you’ll have to pick from different colors which will determine the path to follow.

Rebel Transmute / Evan Tor Games

A 2D action adventure game with a heartfelt story, inspired by games like Hollow Knight, Super Metroid and Nier Automata. In this game you play as Moon Mikono, a self reliant and kind of stubborn space scrapper who is investigating a shady corporation’s base on Terra Six. Explore, battle, and revel as you search for your missing mother.

Mechs V Kaijus / Double Punch Games

Mechs V Kaijus is a fast-paced tower defense game where you control your main mech and a squad to up to eight mech companions. Protect the city of Pokyo and repel the Kaijus Invasion with powerful towers and factories to produce huge armies!

Dungeon Cleaner / Team StarGazers

The “Bubble Guy” has been entrusted with the mission to dive into the depths of a terraformed world at the pleasure of deities. You will go through the different realms, bouncing off the walls, wrapping enemies in bubbles and leaving everything in your path squeaky clean. Antique civilizations await in your journey, as you meet charming characters to befriend and, most importantly, try to restore the order.

And finally, here you have the games announced as part of a game reel at the end of the presentation:

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