PlatinumGames is continuing their Bayonetta 3 dev blog series, and today brings us yet another new installment.

This time around we hear from Minoru Kasai, character modeler for Bayonetta 3. Minoru has put together a blog that goes over the modeling and textures for new Infernal Demon Cheshire.

Although he’s far from being the only Infernal Demon new to Bayonetta 3, the Cheshire is actually controlled by the new character, Viola. You’ll find that he has a slightly more comical side to him compared to the ferocity of the demons controlled by Bayonetta.

According to Minoru, the most difficult things to get right when modeling Cheshire were having him be able to walk on two as well as four legs, having his mouth be able to open so wide, and the texture of his fur.

If you’d like to learn more about what went into creating this character, you can find the full blog here.

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