QubicGames running special 19th anniversary sale

Major discounts on multiple titles

28 January 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

It’s QubicGames’ 19th anniversary, and they’re putting some of their best games on sale - first for existing fans and then for everyone else. Wondering how it all works?


There’s a massive discounts to existing fans through special owner discounts to anyone who owns or downloads QubicGames’ free title - Coloring Book. If you have it, follow along with STEP 2.


Owning Coloring Book gives you 10 titles that will be discounted to $0.49 each in North America:

Robonauts, Run Sausage Run, Mana Spark, Pocket Pool, Pocket Mini Golf, Pocket Mini Golf 2, Sausage Wars, Om Nom: Run, Puzzle Book.

If you purchase or already own one of the above, you’ll unlock more $0.49 discounts for over 50 titles in the QubicGames portfolio, including bestsellers and latest releases.

It’s also recommended to browse the eShop from your Switch and not a desktop browser, as this often affects owner discounts showing correctly. You can get full details on this offer here.

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