The Fatal Frame series is filled to the brim with all sorts of creepy ghosts, but which one sends the biggest shivers down your spine? The official Fatal Frame Twitter account asked fans this very question, and the results of the poll are in.

10 different ghosts were named in the results, all of them with unique personalities and the ability to give you unending nightmares. You can see the complete rundown of the top 10 picks below.

  1. Crawling Woman (Fatal Frame III)
  2. Tall Woman (Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water)
  3. Bloody Kimono – Sae Kurosawa (Fatal Frame II)
  4. Fallen Woman (Fatal Frame II)
  5. Woman in Black – Kageri Sendou (Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse)
  6. Blind Demon (Fatal Frame)
  7. Broken Neck Woman (Fatal Frame II)
  8. Broken Neck Woman (Fatal Frame)
  9. Tattooed Priestess – Reika Kuze (Fatal Frame III)
  10. Fuyuhi With Cut Throat (Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water)

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1+ y ago

What is this screenshot from? I don't remember the tall woman grabbing the old miko in FFV.