MUTAN has announced the start of a new season, Episode 2, featuring a new character, Anemone (Character Voice: Akari Kito), as well as the addition of new stages and monsters. A roadmap outlining our future update policy was also shared.

Two new monsters (Baby and Balloon) and one map will be implemented into this update.

In addition, a new character, “Anemone,” will appear in the implemented storyline.

Anemone” is a mysterious scientist (a mad scientist) who is human but manipulates the undead and antagonizes Buster. She is usually calm, but when it comes to her research, she shows her crazy side. She was working on a special research project that was halted due to opposition from those around her… Her purpose will be told in the story that will be released by playing “Episode Match” in the future.

You can check the video above for more information about what this season includes.

The following is a roadmap for 2023:

Furthermore, Goonya Monster will be released as a packaged version for Nintendo Switch. The release date, limited edition information, and other details are yet to be determined. This will be announced at a later date.


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