RUMOR: A new Nintendo Direct is set to air next week

It (might) be that time again!

02 February 2023
by znbashi 3

According to Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb, a new Nintendo Direct might finally be on the horizon. Grubb stated that he heard that a Direct is planned to air for the week starting February 6th, and while he did not specifically hear that it will air on that week, everything he heard points in that direction. Grubb has a good track record of nailing some information in the past.

Everything I’m hearing—and it’s all just sort of reiterating it—it continues to be the week of February 6.”

“Over and over and over again, every little detail I get is, basically, a week from now, we should begin hearing about all this stuff.”

[Jeff Grubb - Giant Bomb]

It is not surprising that we might see a direct in February, as it has almost happened every year since the launch of the Switch, and the fact that the last one was back in September means it is time for a new one.


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1+ y ago

Rumours have been suggesting Thursday February 9th, since they usually wait a few days or even a week after their Q3 earnings call which happens on February 7th.


1+ y ago

I mean, it checks out, but since the “it’s being delayed because of the Queen” rumor last time we ought to be skeptical of what amounts to not just rumor but gossip. Halfway right is still a failing grade.

Hopefully they’ll announce Wind Waker and Twilight Princess ports for the Switch Pro.


1+ y ago

Should we really trust this guy? He was flat out wrong last time.