Cuddly Forest Friends launches for Switch today

Snuggling up to Switch today

02 February 2023
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Aksys Games deployed Maximum Cute today with the launch of Cuddly Forest Friends for Switch. Interact with your fluffy forest friends to help the Tree of Happiness thrive and ensure their safety in the forest. All first-run copies of the game will contain an exclusive set of vinyl stickers featuring all nine adorable creatures.

The Tree of Happiness needs Happy Feelings to grow, and players can accumulate these by taking care of different animals, such as Rabbit, Degu, Flying Squirrel and Capybara. Keep them fed and content and cheer them on while they gather items from the forest to craft decor and apparel. Play a variety of minigames with your animal friends to gain additional Happy Feelings.

Cuddly Forest Friends has been rated E by the ESRB, naturally!

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