Hearts, hand-holding, and superhuman hugs – It’s Chemical V-Day in Knockout City, with sweet surprises that are sure to tug your heartstrings! Take a pal or plus one into the new Super Mutant: Power Couple Playlist to test your team chemistry! Every duo takes turns becoming a terrifying Super Mutant twosome to add some drama to the race for the most hits in the time limit!

Complete Lovely Contracts for Candy Heart rewards, and pick up some romantic pick-me-ups in the Sweetheart Shop! You’ll find Faces, Hairstyles, Brags, and Jukebox Tracks to set the mood from milquetoast to mushy in no time flat!

Whether you love or love-to-hate, show some love with the Heartbreaker Bundle, a swoonworthy ensemble available only during Chemical V-Day in the Brawl Shop!

Th-THUMP! Th-THUMP! Is that my heart pounding? Nope, it’s the sound of me getting beaned by dodgeballs! Chemical V-Day begins February 7th!

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