Oshiiro is an interesting concept. A japanese horror game where you swing a glowstick, akin to being in a real-life idol concert, but you do this to exorcise spirits. YUP! You read that right! If you want to know more about the game, we’ll leave you with the official description and a trailer so you can experience this weird, yet unique take on the horror genre for yourself.

Swing your glowstick and exorcise! A new kind of horror game!

Horror X Virtual Idol

Investigate the haunted Chiba Legend Arena!

■Game System

Exorcise the spirit by swinging a glowstick of the same color. Clear the stage by finding the hidden idol symbol, And swinging a glowstick of the same color.


The protagonist has been sent to investigate A haunted facility, the “Chiba Legend Arena”. While investigating, they find a strange glowstick. They use it to exorcise the demonic spirits…

■Additional Content

There are a few minigames you can play That appear unrelated to the main story About a PIEN, Buff Guys, or Sushi.

You can purchase Oshiiro on the eShop right here, currently on sale for $7.99 (down from $10.99).

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