After 15 long years, the original GrimGrimoire is being remade for Switch as GrimGrimoire OnceMore. Obviously, this remake is going to include everything fans loved about the original game, along with a host of new features and content.

In an interview with Siliconera, Director Yoshio Nishimura spoke about some of the quality of life changes this time around. Rather than going with fan input for these components, the team looked inward to make their decision.

Things can change quite a bit in 15 years, don’t you think?

It was for that reason that we decided on the content of the changes based on feedback from the production staff this time around rather than from the users at the time.

Basically, we tried to add features that would have been implemented in a typical game today, so that people who played the game 15 years ago could enjoy it with a fresh new feeling and without complaints.

[Director Yoshio Nishimura]

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