Among Us devs share a roadmap for what's next

A list of features that are anything but sus

03 February 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Among Us is still going strong, most recently receiving a content boost related to a collaboration with the Knives Out film franchise. That was just a tiny taste of what’s been in the works, though. Developer Innersloth has shared an updated look at what they’re toiling away on, and it’s safe to say plenty is in the pipeline.

Here’s a very quick look at what you can expect to see from Among Us in the coming weeks and months…

  • adding multiple updates to the UI and UX
  • cleaning up the account merging flow
  • updating the store to be easier to navigate
  • making it easier to see how you can report a toxic player
  • brand-new map and tasks
  • more cosmetics
  • improved matchmaking
  • quickchat revamp
  • more collabs
  • new roles (only possible if the team gets more time)

If you’d like more insight into everything mentioned above, you can find a complete breakdown from the dev team here.

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