Master Detective Archives: Rain Code was announced for Switch during a Nintendo Direct, and it was confirmed as a Switch-exclusive at the same time. Wondering why the team decided to bring this game to Switch fans only? The game’s writer shed some light on that in a recent interview.

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code writer Kazutaka Kodaka spoke to Denfaminicogamer about various aspects of the game, including its Switch exclusivity. According to Kodaka, it was a publisher decision to go with Switch-only, but it’s a move that makes sense to the entire dev team.

We talked about potentially making it multiplatform before, but this (Nintendo Direct) announcement made me realize the effect of narrowing it down to one platform. It would be a different story with an AAA title, but there are so many AA and A titles that it would get buried if it were multiplatform. It was Spike Chunsoft who made the decision to make it Switch-only, and I think it was a wise one. …if we made it multiplatform, it would certainly be buried and lost.

Another factor in our decision to release it for the Switch was that it’s an adventure game. I think if another company decided to make a new IP for the Switch, they would have a hard time if it were mainly CGI because of the Switch’s hardware limitations. We were able to make Rain Code because it focuses mainly on the story. We’re going to release more promotional videos, some of which will feature the Mystery Labyrinth, so I hope the variety there catches people’s interest.

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