Plenty of us have played The Legend of Zelda, be it on the NES or through one of Nintendo’s many re-releases. It’s quite likely Nintendo will find another way to bring out The Legend of Zelda once again, but while we wait to see where that lands, one fan has taken on the task of bringing Link and the gang to a very unfamiliar world.

People have been building all sorts of amazing things in Minecraft for years and years now. That includes amazing replicas of real-life wonders, working computers, and various game tributes. We can now add The Legend of Zelda to that list, as one dedicated Minecrafter has recreated the game in its entirety within the confines of Minecraft.

The original Legend of Zelda has been painstakingly built in Minecraft with amazing accuracy, and even more impressive, this has all been done without any mods or resource packs. This obviously presented all kinds of challenges and problems to tackle, but creator C1OUS3R was up to the task. The end result is absolutely staggering with how close it comes to the original game.

While this translation of The Legend of Zelda from NES to Minecraft is unbelievable, you have to wonder if Nintendo is going to swoop in and squash this project. We’ll keep a close eye on this video to see if Nintendo’s legal team makes any moves…but let’s hope they decide to let this one slide.


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1+ y ago

That is amazing! It must have taken so much time to create.. I'm blown away! Now let's not try to do this the other way around ; )