Those watching the Japanese Direct got something a little extra, with the reveal of Natsu-Mon! 20th Century Summer Vacation, releasing this summer in Japan. Those of us in the states can still play it, however, as the Switch isn’t region locked! Interestingly, Kaz Ayabe, creator of Boku no Natsuyasumi, is the creator, designer, and writer of the game!

Natsu-Mon: 20th Century Summer Vacation is a heartwarming summer vacation adventure game in which you play as a 10 year-old boy and enjoy a special summer vacation in the verdant countryside by the sea. The player will have one month to spend their summer vacation in the 3D open-world countryside. The game is the latest title by Kaz Ayabe of Millennium Kitchen, who is known for creating many nostalgic summer vacation and childhood-themed games, and will be published by Spike Chunsoft.

A circus troupe comes to the the countryside. The protagonist is the ringmaster’s only son. Enjoy a special summer vacation filled with nostalgic spectacles like thunderous clouds, evening sunsets, and the sounds of cicadas. After eating breakfast with everyone, do radio calisthenics in front of the shrine. Then, go fish in the ocean or river, catch rare insects in the hills and fields, and record everything in your picture diary.

During your vacation, you can help out the circus, or enjoy the summer festival to your heart’s content. Enjoy fireworks and Bon Festival dances at night, or take the train over to the next town over. As you experience various things, the more you will be able to do. Whether you climb to the top of the mountain, swim in the ocean, or stroll around downtown, you will be able to make plenty of summer memories.

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