Battling a Team GO Rocket Leader is a lot more challenging than taking on a Team GO Rocket Grunt. But with some key knowledge and shrewd strategy, you can send Sierra, Cliff, and Arlo packing. When you do, you’ll be able to catch Sierra’s Shadow Beldum, Cliff’s Shadow Magnemite, or Arlo’s Shadow Nidoran♂.

So how do you encounter these elusive Leaders? Start battling Team GO Rocket Grunts by interacting with the black Team GO Rocket hot air balloons in the sky or black PokéStops with a Team GO Rocket member in front of them. After defeating a Grunt, you’ll receive a Mysterious Component. Collect six Mysterious Components to receive a Rocket Radar that can be used to find the Team GO Rocket Leaders. While you have the Rocket Radar equipped, the GO Rocket Leaders will start appearing in balloons and at certain black PokéStops. In certain situations, such as during an event or after completing a Special Research story, you may receive a Super Rocket Radar, which can be used to find and challenge the Team GO Rocket Boss Giovanni.

Before diving into strategies for each individual Team GO Rocket Leader, here are a few general tips that can help you across the board. One important difference between Trainer Battles and battles with Team GO Rocket Leaders is their use of Protect Shields. Team GO Rocket Leaders have two Protect Shields that they will use against your first two Charged Attacks. Because of this, it’s best to begin the battle with a Pokémon that has a Charged Attack that powers up quickly, so you can fire off your first two Charged Attacks as soon as possible. When using your subsequent Charged Attacks, be thoughtful about timing and utilize their power when it will be most effective.

Get the full breakdown on how to go about these battles over at the official Pokémon website.

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