Everyone knows college is the one of the best ways to receive an education – especially an education in love. Good news for all you heartthrobs out there. Cupid is dropping some L-bombs on Two Point Campus this February, and he’s brought a quiver full of new items, and a brand-new challenge mode level.

We’re spreading the love this Valentine’s with a dreamy new collection of items and decorations. There are balloons to brighten up each room, a new vase to store all your love confessions in, a comfy duvet for two, and the always-enticing tunnel of love to get your smooch on. Best of all, Cupid himself will visit your campus, and if he’s suitably impressed with your work, he’ll leave behind some of his “Love Bombs” that will whip up your students into a romantic frenzy. Sounds spicy.

Even if you can’t celebrate Valentine’s with Two Point Campus, all items and the challenge mode will stick around after the event ends. Two Point Campus is a charming university management simulator that tasks players with building and running the university campus of their dreams. From designing stylish dormitories to laying down ornamental pathways and gardens, players are given the freedom to pimp their Campus with new and easy-to-use creative tools to build their own educational masterpiece.

This update also includes a host of bug fixes:

Bug Fixes:

  • Added a number of stability improvements to optimise memory usage. This should mean players will experience less “out of memory” crashes. (We still have more coming in the next update too!)
  • Fixed an issue where janitors were not efficiently cleaning up the campus
  • Fixed an issue where selecting the Items List from the Room Inspector would close the Room Inspector UI
  • Dorm templates or copies no longer get flagged for invalid items when rotated
  • Wall items from rooms that have been picked up will no longer remain in the original place
  • Fixed an area on Pebberley Ruins where items can be placed but are not reachable
  • Fixed NPCs getting stuck on the Rocket Pad area in the first Space Academy level
  • Status icons in the student list now give correct information on what the student is doing
  • Fixed a problem with Moles spawning, players should have no trouble getting them to spawn now
  • Minor fix for the newsfeed on Main Menu not displaying some events
  • “Strange Meteors” advisor now shows the correct character
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