Just yesterday, Capcom announced that Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective was escaping its DS prison to find new life on the Switch in Summer 2023. Following that announcement, the company also shared a press release stating that a physical/digital release was in the works. Unfortunately, half of that statement was incorrect.

Capcom has since updated their press release for Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, and they removed mention of a physical release. It seems someone behind the scenes goofed, and this one is only going to be up to grabs through the Switch eShop.

Making its first appearance in North America in 2011, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective was directed and written by Shu Takumi. You take the role of Sissel, a phantom who wakes up with no memories and must unravel the mystery behind his death. Sissel utilizes his “Ghost” and “Trick” abilities to possess and manipulate objects in his search for the truth.

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1+ y ago

Nuts. :(
I would have definitely bought a physical version if they made one.


1+ y ago

No buy then for me, I was already wondering why no listing has apeared on my favorite retailers site whilst for all the other games of the direct that were confirmed to be physical had al listing.


1+ y ago

Again..when was the last time Capcom ever bothered with physical releases?


1+ y ago


And even if the do they'll forget that europe even exists if it's not Monster Hunter or Street Fighter.


1+ y ago

Are you sure about this? Playasia just release the preorders for the physical editions of Japan, Europe, Asia and US.