Studio Wildcard today launched Ragnarok, the popular community expansion map, as FREE downloadable content for all Switch players that own ARK: Survival Evolved. Ragnarok is the first of six free DLC updates slated for the Switch version of ARK.

Journey through an expansive 144 square kilometer environment - from mountain peaks and active volcanoes to winding caverns and secluded forests, all combined to form a completely new ARK experience. Ragnarok introduces unique creatures to fight and tame including Dire Polar Bears, Ice Wyverns, and the mystical Griffon with its unique dive-bomb attack.

Love is in the air! From Feb 9th - 16th Switch players get their first taste of dino romance with a traditional “Love Evolved” in-game event. Take advantage of limited-time items and content as well as delicious Valentine’s candy and chocolate. Throughout the entirety of the ‘Love Evolved’ event, Switch ARK players can enjoy the benefits of increased harvesting, taming, experience, and, of course, breeding rates!

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