Microsoft subpoenas Nintendo in fight for Activision Blizzard

Well...things just got more interesting

09 February 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 2

As you no doubt know, Microsoft is desperately trying to acquire Activision-Blizzard, and they keep getting hit with stumbling blocks and pushback. Microsoft is very far from giving up the fight though, and now they’re turning to another huge came company for some support.

Recent documents have revealed that Microsoft subpoenaed Nintendo in the latest hopes of pushing their Activision-Blizzard acquisition further. The subpoena doesn’t specifically say what Microsoft wants from Nintendo, but there’s no doubt they’re hoping the Big N will share comments that will push back against FTC plans to halt the merger.

Following this, Nintendo requested extensions to the deadline to limit/kill their subpoena by February 16th, 2023. We’ll keep an eye on the matter and see what happens next!

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1+ y ago

I'm surprised they haven't pulled out the Azure card yet and give the Pentagon a price cut for the deal. Or do the old bribe, ahem campaign contribution thing. It's not like the politicians are really interested in enforcing antitrust laws they haven't enforced in how long now.


1+ y ago

“Hey Nintendo, wanna play kingmaker between your two main competitors?”

Nintendo: *laughs*