Nintendo shared a new trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom just a few days back, but they’re not done teasing fans with more content. Case in point, the image of Zelda posted above that Nintendo shared via social media today.

Nintendo specifically called out the item that Zelda is holding in her left hand, but didn’t share what it is. Obviously it looks like a Sheikah Slate from the Breath of the Wild, but it looks a bit different. Link put the Sheikah Slate to great use in Breath of the Wild, and it seems Zelda will be doing something similar in the sequel.

Of course, now the question is whether or not Zelda will be playable in Tears of the Kingdom. Fans have been wondering about this for awhile now, and this kind of image certainly fuels the fire. All I know is that May can’t get here soon enough!

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1+ y ago

Zelda is Sheik confirmed?!

The Sheikah slate does look to be redesigned to resemble the Switch more so that than the the Wii U Gamepad.