The next holiday-themed event for Trove is here. From now until April 18th, 2022, players can jump into the game and check out all the fun and activities of Bunfest 2022!

Wondering just what you can do during Bunfest 2022? Read up everything that’s available via the bullet point list below.

  • complete quests for new NPCs
  • uncover hidden eggs
  • fight off shadow bunnies
  • earn new banners, mounts, allies, and even bomb styles for Bomber Royale
  • 6-step quest chain
  • Bunnies can be found in Forbidden Spires
  • new Easter Basket mount that may drop the new Bard Bunny costume
  • returning Egg dungeons and Easter Eggs from previous Bunfest events
  • daily quests from last year’s Bunfest
  • access to the Buntopia Delve, now with new boss bunnies and the Bunsmasher Giant
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