MangaGamer released the Novect-developed visual novel Seventh Lair on Switch just a few days back, giving players another visual novel to dig into. This is the first console release from MangaGamer, but luckily for Switch owners, it won’t be the last.

MangaGamer’s PR Director, John Pickett released a statement on the release of Seventh Lair, and also intentions for releases in the future, Switch included. You can see the full statement from Pickett below.

“After years of releasing our Visual Novels for fans to enjoy on Steam, GoG, and other platforms that cater to younger audiences as well, our first release to console has been a long time coming. This is a great new step in the expansion of our company’s business and our ability to deliver great Visual Novels to an even wider audience than before, and it’s due in no small part thanks to the healthy growth of digital markets on console stores. We’re very grateful to Nintendo for being so open and cooperative with developers looking to publish on their digital storefronts, and we couldn’t be happier that one of our first console releases is a title developed by NOVECT, the amazing team responsible for the wonderful literary experience of The House in Fata Morgana.

Currently our team is looking at several different titles in our catalog that would be appropriate for younger audiences and assessing how viable it will be to port them to the Nintendo Switch. We have several titles currently under consideration, both old and new, which we hope to see released on the Switch in the future.”

[MangaGamer’s PR Director, John Pickett]

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