In the grand scheme of things, we haven’t seen all that much from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. For some fans, this has been a great thing, as they like the mystery surrounding the title. Others are hoping for more from Nintendo as we near launch. While that could certainly happen, we do have a survey from the Big N that sheds a tiny bit of light on the experience.

Nintendo is asking random fans to take a survey about The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and it goes over a few notes on what players can expect from the experience. There’s nothing major here in terms of storyline or anything, but there are some details on gameplay to share.

Here are a few of the elements Nintendo discusses in the survey, which are shared as facts about the game.

  • battle new types of enemies, both large and small
  • explore completely new areas (e.g. islands floating in the sky)
  • build and ride new types of vehicles
  • rediscover the land of Hyrule and see how old locations have changed
  • use new abilities to manipulate your surroundings and interact with objects
  • experience the dark and thrilling atmosphere
  • follow a new and engrossing story set in the land of Hyrule
  • embark on a grand adventure that pits Link and Zelda against a dangerous force
  • your loyalty to each other will prevail in a story that occurs after the events of the previous game
  • discover the power to solve puzzles and quests your way
  • experiment with many materials, weapons and other items you find and collect, some of which are unique to this game

This survey also asks respondents to share what they’d like to see prior to the game’s release. Options include the following:

  • learn more about the game via news or videos
  • learn how it compares to Breath of the Wild
  • watch a recap of the story from Breath of the Wild
  • avoid spoilers
  • play more of Breath of the Wild
  • learn about things I might have missed in Breath of the Wild

Finally, Nintendo flat-out asks about which aspects of the sequel respondents would like to see prior to launch. Options include the following:

  • customization options
  • puzzles/shrines
  • environments
  • advanced tips and tricks
  • enemies
  • overall size of the game
  • abilities
  • story and characters
  • beginners’ guide
  • quests
  • weapons

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1+ y ago

A few (re)confirmations of some aspects people speculated when we saw in the latest trailer. Specially the crafting element.