Today, Epic is excited to launch the Fortnite NA-Central server region! Epic has worked with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Dallas, Texas, USA, to positively impact as many players as we can. The NA-Central server region (“matchmaking region”) is using AWS Local Zones to provide a low-latency experience for players residing in Mexico and the Central United States.

During Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season 1, competitive events won’t be held on the NA-Central server region except for a few cases where there may be events testing the new servers.

Starting Chapter 4 Season 2, competitive events will no longer be hosted on NA-East and NA-West server regions. Instead, tournaments in North America will run on the NA-Central servers.

Any intended prizing for NA-East and NA-West in future Battle Royale Seasons will be combined into one pool.

The NA-Central server region is live right now and is accessible via Fortnite’s settings.

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