Believe it or not, today marks the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. The Game Boy Advance title is based on the 1997 PlayStation release, and the two games share a lot of similarities. Even 2 decades later, fans are still singing the praises of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

In honor of the anniversary, Square Enix has shared the special artwork you see above. This artwork was created by character illustrator Ryoma Ito, and it features both Marche Radiuju and Montblanc.

In Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, when students in St. Ivalice open an ancient magical book, the world is changed to the kingdom of Ivalice! Protagonist Marche then goes on an adventure to gather information and work toward returning the world to its original form. Follow the game’s story by utilizing a wide variety of jobs and abilities belonging to various races, conquering tactical battles to advance the story.

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