Back in December 2022, Untold Tales in partnership with Kautki Cave announced Flame Keeper for Switch, and it’s set to arrive sometime in 2023. Today brings us a new, gameplay video for the game that offers a sneak peek at Windy Desert. Check it out above!

Flame Keeper is a dynamic action rogue-lite where your life is your currency. As a special little piece of burning coal named Ignis, you need to restore the fire to the Eternal Flame. But in doing so, you drain your own life. Find the perfect balance between progress and staying alive as you battle through a world of darkness and monsters. Learn from your mistakes as you die trying and adapt your tactics, skills and abilities to progress.

Take on hordes of enemies using a multitude of moves and attacks including punch combos, fiery dashes, wide area-of-effect stomps, and powerful finishers that deal decisive damage. Each biome in Flame Keeper is inhabited by unique foes and obstacles of increasing difficulty that you’ll need to learn to beat.


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