Dragon Ball: The Breakers is getting updated to Version 2.0 tomorrow, and we have the full patch notes for this update. You can dig through the detailed patch notes below.

Changes to Role Selection

Added a ROLE SELECT screen for ONLINE MATCH.


  • A matchmaking mode where you can choose to play only as a Survivor.
  • Creates a room where up to seven players can join as Survivors.

Flexible: Raider/Survivor

  • A matchmaking mode where you can play as either a Raider or a Survivor.
  • If you are not chosen to be the Raider in a match, you will have a higher chance of being chosen as the Raider in subsequent matches.
  • In addition, when matchmaking is started with multiple players in the room, they will not be made the Raider and Survivors for the same party.


Regarding Room Keys

  • Room Keys will no longer be displayed by default.
  • Room Key display settings can be changed from the room menu.

Results Screen Improvements/Report Function

  • A list displaying the results for each player has been added to the results screen.
  • Players can now be reported for unfair gameplay directly from this list. Such players can now also be blocked.

“RAIDER CHARACTERS” Section Added to the Menu Screen

  • The RAIDER CHARACTERS screen can now be accessed from the base menu.

“RAIDER CHARACTERS” Section Improvements

  • Added the “Preset” function. The preset Raider can now be displayed in the following areas:

The character illustration in the bottom right of the menu screen

The launch animation played when an opponent is found

The default character displayed on the briefing screen

Improvements to Character Customization

  • On the SHOP and CHARACTER VISUALS Screens, it is now possible to zoom in and display animations while previewing costumes. Excludes certain accessories, etc.

Avatar Edit Screen Improvements

  • For the CHARACTER CREATION screen, you can now change your appearance starting from your current avatar. When changing your avatar’s body type, the previous avatar will be lost.

Manual Section Additions

  • Added pages to the Manual describing the playstyle of each Raider.


  • Made minor display adjustments, etc.

The following is a description of various fixes and game balance adjustments

During Battle

  • Corrected an issue where performing certain actions while floating via the Floating Device active skill would incorrectly alter the player’s speed
  • Corrected an issue where certain Raider Ki Blasts and Ki Waves were being cancelled by Survivor Ki Blasts and Ki Waves
  • Corrected an issue where mid-jump movement speed compensation would cause the player to move at above the normal speed when moving via the Hovering Device passive skill・Corrected the effect range for the Wall of Defense active skill
  • Corrected the lock-on function so that players can no longer lock-on to targets that have moved outside the attack range with Ki blasts and Super Move animations
  • Corrected the effects of the Energy Barrier and Angry Shout active skills so that they can destroy buildings as intended
  • Corrected the effect range of the Break Strike active skill so that it will no longer go through terrain
  • Corrected the Charming Pose, Solar Flare, Go-Go Gum, and Krillin’s Shoe active skills so that players will remain in place when using these skills in mid-air
  • Other minor corrections.

During Battle

  • Made it so that looking at the Dragon Radar while moving in a vehicle will lower your movement speed
  • Made it so that, if the area in which Shenron is being summoned is destroyed, the Dragon Balls will be reset and the summoning will be interrupted
  • Corrected an issue where the escape action was uncancellable for the Go-Go Gum active skill
  • Made it so a sound effect will play once flying is cancelled when suppressing Ki while in mid-air
  • Adjusted the dodge timing when you cancel actions such as placing a power key
  • Adjusted the placement of item boxes on the map to improve fairness
  • Made it so a sound effect will play when hitting a target with a long range attack
  • Added an effect to make the location of the nearest altar more obvious once seven Dragon Balls have been gathered
  • Made it so that you can cancel active skills that charge before activation by pressing and holding down the skill again. In addition, made it so that, after being charged, the skill can only be used by inputting a normal attack.

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