Dust & Neon now available on Switch

The future is bright...and hard to see

16 February 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Rogue Games and David Marquardt Studios invite you to test your trigger finger against an award-winning twitch shooter that shoots back. Dust & Neon, a best-in-class rogue-lite complemented by a robust single-player campaign designed to test your mettle, is now available on Switch.

Pull-up your boots, pack plenty of ammo, and begin your 15-plus-hour journey as the mysterious cyborg gunslinger with no name. Make your mark in this Wild West robot apocalypse by firing your revolver, shotgun or rifle with perfect timing through armies of metal-headed vermin. Keep a watchful eye when to reload empty gun chambers with the game’s distinct reloading mechanic or you’ll be buzzard-bot food fast.

Unlock dozens of sharpshooting skills and game-changing buffs, and choose your favorite shootin’ iron from the thousands out there. Will it be good ‘ole Furious Dual Barrel Embrace of Death or the Frenetic Top Loaded Twenty-Two? Build your arsenal to chew up robotic tyrants in a jiffy.

Want to feel macho? Randomly generated maps across four distinct biomes fuel money-grubbing loot runs - just don’t get too carried away there. Peeling off rat skin to resurrect your metal caboose may wear out that poor Dr. Finkel someday.

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