As we shared yesterday, Dead by Daylight’s 27th Chapter, Tools Of Torment, is coming to Switch on March 7th, 2023. Part of that new chapter is the Skull Merchant, a new Killer for players to get their hands on.

In an interview with, Dead by Daylight gameplay director Matthew Spriggens explained the inspirations behind the Skull Merchant, along with the team’s goals for the character.

I can definitely see where those references and I guess inspirations sort of come from, but that wasn’t really what we were thinking about. I guess it was more the really more of a tinkerer kind of archetype that character sort of came from. But we also, I guess we were inspired by this sort of boss personality. She is kind of a predator, you could say, but not in the movie property way, but more of just a psychotic boss character. So, a billionaire and a crazy killing playground. I think that’s kind of where it sort of came from. So, it wasn’t a specific IP or property that we were really inspired by. It was more a tinker archetype. And again, that sort of fact that we wanted to do a more realistic take on a Killer.

[Dead by Daylight gameplay director Matthew Spriggens]

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