Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER heads to Switch Q3 2023

Sequel to the award-winning hit

19 February 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER will tune into psychic energies on Switch in Q3 2023.

Following the events of 2064: Read Only Memories and the comic series Read Only Memories (from Sina Grace of Iceman, The Walking Dead fame) step into the shoes of ES88, a psychic detective who has their mind-reading abilities amplified by a bioengineered creature called Neurodiver. Set off on a mission to capture the rogue esper known as the Golden Butterfly before they corrupt the memories of all of Neo San Francisco!

Return to Neo San Francisco as ES88, a psychic detective utilizing the mind-reading amplification abilities of a bioengineered creature known as a Neurodiver. Explore the corrupted memories of the city’s residents while pursuing a rogue esper known as the Golden Butterfly.

Reunite with the diverse cast of beloved LGBTQ+ characters from 2064: Read Only Memories. Experience a dynamic story by Sina Grace (DC’s Iceman, Image Comics The Walking Dead, IDW Read Only Memories), and writing by Samantha Ortiz (Neon White, Comunicación).

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