Seven Doors now available on Switch

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21 February 2023
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SOEDESCO launches first-person puzzle game Seven Doors on Switch today. To announce the news, SOEDESCO and Indigo Studios released a brand-new launch trailer, which you can see above. Seven Doors is priced at €4,99 / $4,99.

In Seven Doors, you’ll be immersed in unique environments as you solve riddles, decipher secret languages, and avoid deadly traps. This game takes you through seven atmospheric rooms, each with its own mystery and enigma.

From a baroque-inspired atmosphere to a giant chess game, you’ll quickly notice that no two rooms are the same. Put your puzzle-solving skills to the test and see what lies beyond the seventh door, if you can make it that far. This game features approximately 2-3 hours of challenging gameplay, a highly praised soundtrack, and even more secrets to uncover after the seventh door.

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