Doki Doki Literature Club hits 1 million sold

You've made Monica so proud...

21 February 2023
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Publisher and co-developer Serenity Forge and developer Team Salvato today announced that Doki Doki Literature Club Plus exceeded 1 million sales across all platforms, Switch included.

Released initially as a hobby project by creator Dan Salvato in 2017, Doki Doki Literature Club quickly became the #1 rated Steam game of the year and one of the highest-rated titles of all time. Through word-of-mouth and widespread streaming of playthroughs by fans, the game garnered a huge community and amassed over 13.5 million downloads worldwide.

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus brought the original game to consoles for the first time, along with remastered visuals and a variety of all-new content, drawing in new and existing fans alike.

Renowned for its disruptive storytelling approach, DDLC compels players through very real, complex human emotions by exploring and questioning their evolving relationship with fictional characters. Through six new world-building Side Stories, DDLC Plus provides space for the characters to explore their interpersonal relationships and grow together, as people.

“These past 5 years, seeing my writing reach so many people has helped to shape who I am. I feel so connected to every DDLC fan I have the privilege of meeting. In my gratitude to all our supporters, I’m committed to using our funding from DDLC Plus to support mental health nonprofits, as well as to make new boundary-breaking games that can create connection and meaning for even more people.”

[Dan Salvator, creator]

To celebrate the milestone, Dan Salvato will be streaming a playthrough of the Side Stories content on Friday, Feb. 24 at 6pm PST. His Twitch channel can be found here:

DDLC’s story is told from the perspective of a student who grudgingly joins the school’s literature club at the request of his childhood friend Sayori. After meeting the other club members, Yuri, Natsuki, and club president Monika, players write and exchange poems to grow closer to them. On the surface, DDLC appears to be a visual novel dating simulator, but as players progress, the game reveals itself to be more than it seems.

Stay in the loop on all things Serenity Forge by visiting the team’s website and Twitter page.

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