NACON and Passtech Games are delighted to release the first gameplay video for Ravenswatch, a cooperative roguelite for up to four players, inspired by famous tales and legends from all over the world. Developed by the studio behind the widely acclaimed game Curse of the Dead Gods, Ravenswatch asks those who dare to confront the hordes of Nightmares, which are corrupting the world of Reverie. Ravenswatch will get a Switch release in 2024.

The fallen heroes of old folk tales and legends unite in the Ravenswatch to confront the hordes of Nightmares who are invading, destroying and corrupting the world of Reverie.

Based on the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, Scarlet made short work of the Big Bad Wolf in Ravenswatch. Like all those suffering from lycanthropy, she transforms according to the day-night cycle, and her skill set changes depending on her form. During the day, she deftly wields two daggers; while night-time brings out her brutality and thirst for blood.

Franz is the Pied Piper of Hamelin. He uses his Nightmares-corrupted instrument to control a swarm of rats. Using his devastating melodies, he can weaken enemies from range while staying out of harm’s way.

The famous Goth king Beowulf bonded with a baby dragon while trying to save his people from the Nightmares. Armed with a heavy two-handed sword, he can summon his flying companion to boost his attacks and block the enemy hordes.

Based on the famous Snow Queen fairytale, Nyss has lost her healing powers to the Nightmares. She uses her new killing powers to glide freely around the battlefield, slow enemies and riddle them with ice spikes.

Aladdin is the famous hero of One Thousand and One Nights. As his wife is trapped in the corrupted lamp, Aladdin takes up arms and confronts the Nightmares to lift the curse. He is an agile melee fighter who can grant a wish for wealth, life or death to override the outcome of a fight.

Inspired by siren legends, Melusine is infamous for having drowned many humans. Just when she falls in love with one of them, the Nightmares arrive. As she flees, she realises she is carrying the child of her lover and vows to do anything to save her baby. Wielding a devastating magic orb that can guide her wherever she wants, Melusine fights from range and can dive into the ground to escape enemies.


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