João ‘Flakes Power’ Sampaio, a popular content creator from Brazil and founder of creative team Herobase, arrives as the newest member of the Fortnite Icon Series! Flakes Power’s Icon Series Set will be available on February 25 at 7 PM ET, but players can participate in the Super Flakes Cup starting February 23 for an opportunity to unlock the Flakes Power Outfit, Electric Crescents Pickaxe and Electro-Crest Back Bling early.

Flakes Power’s arrival comes at a time where Fortnite is more popular than ever in Brazil! Last December, in the first week of Chapter 4, more people played Fortnite in Brazil than in any other week since the game’s release in 2017.

Flakes Power Icon Series Set in Item Shop: The Flakes Power Outfit, which has the built-in Get Flakey Emote, includes the default Style and the drawn-to-life Phantom Power Style. Also coming to the Item Shop are the Electro-Crest Back Bling and the Electric Crescents Pickaxe, which includes the Phantom Power alt Style.

Handpicked Creative Islands in Epic Pick’s Discover row: Party up with friends and jump into handpicked Creative islands such as Flakes Deathrun 3.0, Hero 1v1 Build Battle, and more! Starting today, these Creative islands will be rotating in the Epic Pick’s Discover row. For a full list of experiences and their island codes, check out the Fortnite blog.

Super Flakes Cup - Duos Zero Build Tournament: Compete in the Super Flakes Cup on February 23 for an opportunity to unlock the Flakes Power Outfit and Electro-Crest Back Bling before they hit the Item Shop. Players who earn at least eight points can unlock the Flakes Tag Spray, and for earning at least sixteen points, the Hello Hello Emoticon.

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