Today Paladins begins its Season 6 with an update chock full of new content!

  • New Frontline Champion Nyx
  • New Event Pass: Into the Abyss
  • Return of the Payload mode
  • UI overhaul
  • New Ranked Season
  • Structural balance changes

Once a Pyre Lord, Nyx was approached by Seris and together they planned her great betrayal. Thus Nyx rallied the Abyss, the opposite side in the ever-raging war. Today, as its newly-crowned Queen, she is determined to bring a new age of chaos and freedom to the Realm.

In combat, Nyx is a Frontline specializing in relentless short-range assaults and disruption. She excels at taking control of the point and punishing enemies who dare get close. The Queen demands respect!

With her bare fists, Nyx sends out waves of energy in a five-hit attack chain. She can summon various rifts and chains straight from the Abyss and hurl them towards nearby enemies in order to slow, stun, and pull them. Her Royal Presence manifests as a poison aura around her. For protection, Nyx can deploy an Abyssal Shield – the closer it is to her, the more efficient it is.

Nyx didn’t travel on her own. Her loyal ladies-in-waiting follows in the latest Event Pass: Into the Abyss. Paladins players can unlock Doom Bringer Seris upon purchase and later Wings of Carnage Saati when they complete their Pass. A color variant is available for both skins, and in total the Event Pass: Into the Abyss holds 30 levels of rewards, including some obtainable for free just by playing.

Old but gold – the Payload mode returns for those fans who have been asking for it! In turn, each team strives to push their cart the farthest on Payload-exclusive maps such as Ice Push, Outpost, and Jungle.

Spring cleaning has come early for Paladins interface with today’s overhaul, improving the ease of use and clarity of both the player profile and the store.

Ranked Season 6 starts today with the first of its four Splits. A new high-quality skin, Inventor Pip, will be given to anyone able to win 100 Ranked matches. Even better, the Season 6 start means reaping the rewards for Season 5 – Loading Frames to boast about your highest rank achieved or to attest your benevolence through your Commendations.

Substantial balance changes have been applied and the Season 6 meta is likely to shift away from teams lining up two Support Champions. And this has been the opportunity for designers to introduce a new feature: special keywords on Talents for Supports. Curative, Remedy, or Surgery increase either healing or damage done—or a bit of both—further reinforcing playstyle customization.

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