Moonshine Inc. to include Sandbox Mode

Keep your underground operation running smoothly

23 February 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Klabater is excited to announce that the anticipated Sandbox Mode expansion is coming to Moonshine Inc..

The Sandbox allows several options to choose from:

  • the region,
  • starting money,
  • Police Alert on/off,
  • the pace for production and crafting,
  • the discoverability of the technologies and recipes - which mostly determines the sandbox game style.


The chosen region, be it the Mountains, the Forest, the Swamps, Small Town or the City, defines the base you will operate in and the store you’ll be shopping at - it will be the center of your operations. You will see no other bases or stores on the map. All your deliveries will start from the chosen base.

What is more, the Technologies, Side Quests, Police Quests, and Events aren’t region locked anymore. The whole map unlocks and becomes fully accessible at all times. All stashes are open from the get-go and you are no longer limited to the type of alcohol you’re producing, as it is designed in the Campaign mode.

Another significant difference from the Campaign, is that you can deliver your alcohol to more than three stashes at a time.


If you were given the chance to choose from $20 000, $50 000, $100 000 or $100 000 000 - how much would you take? Check out for yourself what kind of operations you can kick off being the Big Fish.


We allowed deactivating the Game Over and Alert Level systems. If you decide to do it, all the Events related to the specific Alert Level will also be deactivated. In that case, we must update our tagline: Ain’t nothin’ illegal, cause you don’t get caught!


Sandbox also allows selecting the pace for production and crafting. You can keep it in Real Time, at Normal mode, or you can twist the reality and either speed it up with Fast mode or make it happen even instantaneously. We believe this will allow more dynamic gameplay.


If you choose to unlock all the technologies - your gameplay will focus on discovering the recipes - it will be way easier and faster than in the campaign mode because the unlocked technologies will automatically unlock all the ingredients and equipment required for the specific recipes.

Some of you might like it the other way around. For those, we have an option with all recipes unlocked. This setting is for Players, who enjoy a slower approach to maximizing the recipes by unlocking the technology and ingredients step by step while having the knowledge of what we can do with them.

If you’re more into business management, you can choose to have the recipes and technologies already unlocked, and start with full know-how. Just focus on base management, distribution, and counting your monies.


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