An update is available now for The Knight Witch. You can see patch notes for this update below.

  • Fixed crash when changing language.
  • Fixed crash when interacting with an NPC after changing language.
  • Fixed FPS drop when controller gets disconnected in the loading screen.
  • Fixed game hard lock resulting from disconnecting the controller in the Controls menu.
  • Fixed issues when binding spells or the Action/Talk button to L3 and/or R3.
  • Fixed issue with missing controller re-mapping functionality.
  • Fixed bug where player can ignore collision and get stuck in the wall in Giga Tree.
  • Fixed bug allowing player to leave the limits of the Hextinction battle.
  • Fixed bug where Rayne would spawn after death with an incomplete animation.
  • Fixed black screen sometimes present during the ambush’s banner.
  • Fixed bug which freezes weapon durability counter.
  • Fixed bug where ‘Laser Gun’ spell wouldn’t fire when pointed towards an open door.
  • Fixed spawning circles not being centered on the spawning location.
  • Fixed issues arising from interacting with a beacon after using a timer spell.
  • Fixed bug where forge popcorns don’t explode when using ‘Ray of Death’ spell.
  • Fixed collision not being properly implemented for the door asset in Giga Tree.
  • Fixed turrets lacking collision with the player in Giga Tree.
  • Fixed bug stopping player from toggling options while changing languages.
  • Fixed issues with warning text appearing overlapped when trying to buy items in shop without the proper number of shards.
  • Fixed bug where character name and avatar don’t correspond during dialogue.
  • Fixed several localization typos and mistranslations.

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