Thunderful has a bunch of different SteamWorld games in the works, with SteamWorld Build being the next in the pipeline. This is once again a new venture for Thunderful, as they’re taking the SteamWorld franchise in a new direction. Going forward, it seems we can expect even more genre exploration from the SteamWorld franchise.

In an interview with Xbox Expansion Pass (transcribed by Videogames Chronicle, SteamWorld franchise director Brjann Sigurgeirsson talked about where SteamWorld could head next genre-wise, and it does seem the sky’s the limit.

“I really love the idea that SteamWorld is open in every direction. I mean, now it’s a card game, it’s a town builder slash a dungeon crawler, there are two Dig games, there’s a turn-based tactics game, there’s a tower defence game. It’s like, wouldn’t it be great to be able to surprise with every, or every other announcement? For me that just sounds so good.”

[SteamWorld franchise director Brjann Sigurgeirsson]

With an eye on moving into new genres, does that mean we won’t see anymore direct SteamWorld sequels down the line? That’s not the case at all, says Sigurgeirsson.

“We’ve made one sequel already like SteamWorld Dig 2. I think we function the same way as the players. We sit and play these games and we enjoy playing them a lot, and we always keep things like, what would happen after [in a follow-up].

I mean, sequeling is always an option I think, and it’s great if it is because if we create a game that completely tanks then we’re not going to make a sequel because we’re probably not going to make our money back and we’ve annoyed people once with that game, why do it twice. But with games that people like, for sure, there’s nothing negating sequels.”

[SteamWorld franchise director Brjann Sigurgeirsson]

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