Lunistice hits 25k units sold

Well-deserved success

24 February 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Lunistice, a 3D platformer with a retro aesthetic, came to the Switch back in November of last year. It was met with rave reviews from all corners of the internet, and now we know a considerable amount of people have decided to hop in on the experience.

The developer behind Lunistice took to Twitter to share that the game has now reached 25k units sold since launch. That might seem like a modest amount, but when you’re looking at a brand-new IP from an indie dev, the figure is quite impressive! Hopefully the successful sales trend continues as 2023 rolls on.

Lunistice is a linear 3D platformer that is heavily inspired by the 32-bit era of yesteryear. Follow Hana the Tanuki on her adventure through her dreams! Explore the different dreamscapes to guide her to her final destination - The Moon - and try to uncover the secrets of “The Lunistice” along the way!

You can grab Lunistice right now for $5, but if you’re still not sure of the experience, you can also download a free demo.


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