There was a time when Capcom couldn’t imagine releasing the Ace Attorney franchise outside of Japan. They thought there simply wouldn’t be an audience, and for all we know, they might have been right. Of course, that all changed when the Nintendo DS was the hot platform, and Capcom saw a chance to bring Ace Attorney from the GBA to DS owners worldwide. From that point on, the series has certainly found considerable success with at-home attorneys in all regions.

Wondering just how popular the franchise is? Capcom has shared an updated total for the entire series, and we know know that Ace Attorney games sit at 9.8 million units sold across all platforms. This is the figure as of the end of 2022, so there’s no doubt the total has inched closer to 9.9 million since then.

To put things into perspective, there have been six mainline entries in the Ace Attorney series and five spin-offs. Of course, those games have been repackaged and sold across numerous platforms over the years.

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