Nearly 10-year Super Mario 64 speedrun record beaten

How long will this record stand?

27 February 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

There are all sorts of speedrun categories for Super Mario 64 fans to participate in. There’s big ones like 120 stars and quickest to credits, but then there others that focus on a very small snapshot of the game. One of those happens to include Big Bully, and a new record tied to his mission has just been achieved.

All the way back in May 2013, speedrunner Akira managed to complete the ‘Boil the Big Bully’ mission in 16:18, and it seemed like that record might stay forever. That’s until just one day ago, where speedrunner Xoofey managed to eek out the new first-place time by just a hair.

In the video above, you can see Xoofey’s record-setting run, which clocks in at 16:08. While that might seem like a ridiculously close battle time-wise, speedrunners know that every millisecond count. While Xoofey used the same tactics as Akira, Xoofey managed to perfect the approach just a tiny bit more!

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