Back in October of 2022, Behaviour Interactive announced that they were teaming up with Titan Comics to bring the dark, captivating universe of Dead by Daylight to the world of comic books. Just last week, we learned that the comic’s debut was scheduled for release in May 24th, 2023. Now we know that comics are just the start for Dead by Daylight’s expansion.

In an interview with, Behaviour’s head of partnerships Mathieu Côté opened up on the push for Dead by Daylight outside of videogames. Now we know that not only are more comics coming, but expansions into other mediums is being considered as well.

“We just started with the perfect medium to tell that story. As you know, there’s a ton of other stories that we want to tell in Dead by Daylight, and there’s quite a few other mediums at our disposal for that. So, this is not the last one, but it’s not the last comic either.”

[Behaviour's head of partnerships Mathieu Côté]

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