There have been plenty of enduring characters throughout all mediums over the years, but a small handful have managed to stay relevant for decades on end. Without a doubt, Mario is one of those characters.

In an interview with NPR, Shigeru Miyamoto shared some thoughts on why he believes Mario has remained part of the zeitgeist since his arrival. You can see Miyamoto’s full comments on the topic below.

I really think another factor is the fact that Mario was created as a character within an interactive medium. So for example, if I maybe, you know, drew Mario as a comic book character, I don’t think he would have had this much staying power. You know, there was a time when people might have compared Mario with Mickey Mouse. And, you know, Mickey Mouse is a character that was born, you know, 50 years before my time and was obviously still around in my generation. And I really felt like Mickey Mouse as a character grew alongside the medium of animation. And in that same vein, I feel that Mario is growing alongside this digital medium.

[Shigeru Miyamoto]

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1+ y ago

Mario will always be better than Mickey Mouse. Disney rarely ever uses the mouse, goofy and donald as much as they should.