Those who visit Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios have the option to purchase a Power-Up Band to enhance their time in the park. These bands, which are priced at $40 each, will allow you to interact with various elements at Super Nintendo World for a more immersive experience. They aren’t necessary, but they certainly unlock all sorts of fun interactions.

Plenty of people have decided to purchase these Power-Up Bands, but many are finding a crucial flaw with them. While the Power-Up Bands work as expected, it appears the design is simply too loose-fitting, and people are losing the bands right off their wrists without realizing.

Some people have gone so far as to hop on Reddit for suggestions on how to keep the bands from falling off. These bands don’t have a latch to connect both sides, and instead work in a ‘slap bracelet’ style, curling up around your wrist. It’s a design that should work for most, but clearly some are struggling.

Universal and Nintendo are yet to comment on the complaints, so there’s no word on if a revamp or solution are in the works.

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