Interested in learning Japanese, and want an original, fun way to do it? Shashingo just launched their Kickstarter which promises just that! If you already know a little bit of Japanese, the game’s name explains how it works already. Shashin is Japanese for “Photograph”, while the go suffix is used to denote language.

Shashingo is shaping up to be quite a meaty experience, including a variety of modes, flashcards, and built-in grammar lessons. Backing the game early comes with its perks as well, including bonus flashcards, stickers, pins, and other more advanced rewards. For full details on the game and its rewards, check out the Kickstarter.

Shashingo is shaping up to be quite a useful game, and if it meets its goal is looking at a July release. Thankfully, it’s looking like it will meet its goal, as it’s already nearly half complete.

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