Studio Supersoft has just revealed plans to bring their open-world deckbuilder Moonstone Island to the Switch in 2023.

Following your village’s tradition for Alchemy training, you’ve moved out to spend a year away from home. Armed with simple tools, Alchemical recipes, and the ability to tame nature spirits, you set out to start your new life. Can you create a home and bring prosperity back to the Moonstone islands?

With 120+ islands to explore, Moonstone Island will provide plenty of content to enjoy. Read even more details about the title below.


  • Travel by balloon, broom, or glider to the outer edges of the world to identify the source of the Creeping Dark
  • Discover and explore procedural dungeons to earn upgrades and rewards

Build a home

  • Explore the various biomes and set up your new home on any of the 120+ islands in this procedurally generated world
  • Pick up your home or simply build another anywhere in the world
  • Meet the locals, become a member of the community, and, just maybe, fall in love

Tame spirits

  • Tame and befriend wild spirits to fight alongside you
  • Learn to utilize, upgrade, and optimize your Spirit’s decks
  • Keep spirits on your farm to produce valuable resources


  • Grow crops and flowers to brew potions for battle
  • Turn overgrown islands into thriving farms

Craft & Create

  • Use the crops you grow to brew custom potions for battle
  • Craft dozens of items and vehicles to customize your home and access the most distant edges of the world

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