New trailer released for Everdream Valley

Due out sometime this Spring

02 March 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Mooneaters, Untold Tales and VARSAV Games previously announced that the farming/crafting simulator game, Everdream Valley, will launch sometime in Spring 2023 for Switch. While we’re still waiting on a more specific release date, a new trailer has been shared. You can check out that video above.

Everdream Valley is a vast farming adventure with a touch of magic. By day, you’ll restore your special corner of the valley - raise various crops, care for a slew of animals and help rebuild your grandparent’s farm. At night, magic dreams let you embody various farmland creatures to complete special challenges.

As a young child spending the summer on your grandparents farm, Everdream Valley is about recapturing the days of childhood adventure and endless imagination. A time where things like work, responsibilities or relationships were the last thing on your mind. Explore the open world with plenty of activities all while you try to get to the bottom of what is giving you these magic dreams at night.

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