A new title is heading to the Switch in Japan this month, and it’s definitely a unique one. Flat Out! Toilet Seat Race -Toilet Shooting Star-, a kart racing-style game where you race on toilets, is moving from its 2019 PC release to Switch, and it launches March 16th, 2023 for 1,800 yen.

In Flat Out! Toilet Seat Race -Toilet Shooting Star-, a game endorsed by the fake Japan Toilet Seat Racing Association, you race down the streets on a toilet while tossing toilet paper, toilet gorillas, underwear (used and spare), and other items as weapons. Make sure to snack on meals and rice balls to build up your energy for an explosive speed boost! If that’s not enough, unleash your “Ben’i Burst” special move for the extra edge in competition.

Flat Out! Toilet Seat Race -Toilet Shooting Star- has a story to progress through, and various missions to take on. You can also upgrade your toilet with new parts, and then have a second player join in for some fun.

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