We all love a good reference, especially when it tackles nostalgia. In the latest episode of Family Guy, we see them paying homage to the all-time classic, Donkey Kong, the original one for the NES!

In episode 13 “Single White Dad”, Peter attempts to bond with Chris over Donkey Kong, but the latter offers to spice it up by reenacting the game, building its levels using the front of the house as the base.

Things don’t go exactly as planned after the fact (watch the episode for more!), but what did work was the look and feel of the original game within the animation. You can tell it was made with lots of love!

But what do YOU think? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks to SteelDiver and Lars for the heads up!

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1+ y ago

Video game references on TV don't hit me like they did back in the 2000's. I used to be so delighted to see a Mario reference on my favorite TV show.