Nintendo just announced that Metroid Fusion will join the GBA lineup for Nintendo Switch Online on March 8, exactly a week from now!

It’s worth reminding that the GBA games are exclusive to the Expansion Pack plan, so if you don’t have it, but would like to play N64 and GBA titles, it’s a good time to upgrade, especially since the Switch is now the definite way to play almost every Metroid title ever released.

As an extra tidbit, here’s how the game was presented in the Japanese YouTube Channel.

Are you excited to join Samus in one of her more beloved titles? Let us know below!


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1y ago

This is awesome! Gameboy Advance games are the perfect balance of “retro” games and games that still hold up today. I’m excited to replay old favorites and jump into new ones I missed out on before!


1y ago


I agree. GBA and SNES are in a perfect sweet spot for aging well.


1y ago

I wouldn't mind if one day Fusion got a Samus-Returns-like remake. But other than a graphic upgrade I don't think it needs a whole lot of updating. It's a pretty terrific game.

cheesus 2

1y ago

I loved Metroid Fusion when it first came out. I replayed it recently and was disappointed how objection based the game is. Is always 'go to this room, read alot of dialog, then go to spot on map' It's still a good game, just not as Metroid'y.